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3.72sOkay. Now, remember to play it cool. Act like you belong here.
2.2s(SHOUTING) Oh, my God, Miley! I love you! I love you! I love you!
2.35sI'm your biggest fan! Can I touch your hair?
2.37sWho are you guys? How did you get back here?
1.42sLook, I'm really sorry about this.
2.54sThis is my friend Stewie. He's just a baby.
3.4sAnd he's your biggest fan. And he has cancer.
1.6sOh, my God! Really?
2.74sYeah. He's got a tumor in his head the size of a football.
1.63sI think I can see it.
2.87sWell, in that case, I wouldn't feel right about throwing you out.
1.9sEspecially if you're my biggest fan.
3.24s(MUMBLING) Stay here. You can watch the show from backstage.
2.54sAnd afterwards, we'll all hang out.
2.65sSweet niblets! This is the greatest day of my life.
2sSweet niblets? Yeah, sweet niblets.
2.27sThat's her catchphrase, sweet niblets.
1.13sSay it.
1.27s- Say it back to me. - What?
1.63s- Say, "sweet niblets"! - Sweet niblets.
2.13sThat wasn't so hard, was it?
4.12sI mean, Sarah Silverman is just one of the most wonderful people you'll ever meet.