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1.3sJesus. And she's coming to town!
1.2sAnd I have to get tickets, Brian!
1.3sYou have to help me get tickets!
3.17sNo. It's a stupid show and a huge waste of time.
3.42sBut she's my favorite.
2.15sOh, my God. Are you crying?
2.37sYes! Hannah Montana is my hero!
1.8sI love her so, so much!
1.64sAnd this is the only time she's gonna be in town!
3.04sAnd now I'll never get to see her! Will you help me?
2.04sHey, Chris. You want to practice kissing again?
2.67sI'm busy. I set up a video camera last night,
2.84sso I can prove to Mom and Dad that the evil monkey is real.
1.7sAnd I want to see what I got.