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3.29sYou made me realize how much Chris really means to me.
2.93sAnd how I should always remember not to take him for granted.
3.3sWell, sometimes all anybody needs is a little bit of a wake-up call.
3.34sAnd now that you two are getting along again, my work here is done.
1.57sGuess I'll be moving on now.
1.5sYou have to leave?
3.2sBut I thought you were gonna go back to living in my closet again.
2.13sI think that time of my life is over, Chris.
1.82sBut I'll always remember you.
2.12sBut where will you go?
1.72sI'll go where I'm needed.
2.55sDad! There's an evil monkey in my closet!
2.77sTOM: I don't care, Son. I just do not care.