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2.85sOver here is our kitchen, where we make all our meals.
1.67sAnd upstairs is where we sleep.
1.74sWhat about your wives and families?
2.64sSometimes we don't see them for long periods of time.
1.87sWell, that sounds awfully lonely.
2.65sLike being an NBA player on the road.
1.5sBaby, I miss my wife so much.
2.07sThanks for understanding that we can't do anything.
1.23sI just want to cuddle.
1.2sOh, you're so sweet.
1.74sI'm just doing what a man should do.
2.57sRespecting the sacred institution of marriage.
2.2sAnd now, straight to sleep.
2.02sMAN: This message brought to you by the NBA.
2.07sLet's all pretend this happens.
2.25sHey, Chris, you think it's safe to drink from a fire hose?
1.58sWhy not, Dad? It's just water.
2.49sAll right. Well, turn it on. I'm very thirsty.
2.88sNice job, Chris. You got my shirt wet.
3.94sNow, few people realize that until 1928, there were no hoses,
2.8sand you actually had to fight fires with your bare hands.
2.44sI will now give a demonstration.