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2sWe can use these boxes for good and...
2.9s(GUNSHOTS) What the hell?
3.57sThat's for adding another tree to One Tree Hill.
2.17sOh, my God, he destroyed every last box.
1.52sHoly crap.
1.4sWe're sunk now, Peter.
3.17sThere goes your one chance to get TV back to the way it was.
2.1sWait a minute. Maybe not, Brian.
2.43s(DINGS) I think I just got an idea.
1.97s(SHATTERS) (SCREAMS) I got glass in my face.
1.93sOh, crap. Now I forgot what it was.
1.13s(DINGS) I got it.
1.43s(SHATTERS) (SCREAMS) Son of a bitch.
1.8sYou know who I hate? The troops.
1.27sYeah, me too.
1.47sWhoa, whoa, whoa, who are you?
1.13sI'm Peter Griffin.
1.6sI'm the guy who ruined television,
1.54sand I'm the guy who's gonna fix it.
3.17sGuys. I broke television, and now you have to help me fix it.