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3.99sWow. You certainly look a lot better than that walking corpse I saw last week.
2.82sWell, no one's ever gonna see that again, I can promise you that.
3.5sI can't stress how important it is our secret be kept from the public.
1.43sI understand, sir.
3.92sAnd I assure you that Specimen Z is secure on level 12.
1.15sDid you hear that, Brian?
2.77sThat "walking corpse" was Carter dying of cancer.
1.4sThis guy is an imposter.
1.3sOh, my God.
3.17sAnd I bet Specimen Z is the real Carter's body.
1.48sYou two didn't hear that, did you?
2.5sBRIAN: Hey, buddy, we're just trying to read the paper here.
1.67sI'll have you fired for talking to me like that.
1.2sBRIAN: I don't work here.
1.53sThen I'll have you killed. BRIAN: I want to die.
1.72sI hated that guy back there.