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1.7sAnd everybody had an Uncle Earl.
4.64sYou know, that uncle that sit around in the house all day in his under-drawers saying he between jobs.
3.64sTo be between jobs, you had to have had a job in the first place!
1.27s(LAUGHING) CARTER: That's accurate!
2.8sAnd Earl got that cell phone. He on the Sprint plan.
1.94sWhen the bill come, he sprint.
2.67sCARTER: Yes! So many of them are delinquent in payment.
2.75sRupert, move your legs. I can see your balls.
1.65sStewie, this is gonna sound crazy,
2.33sbut I have a theory about what's going on with Carter.
1.93sReally? What is it? Well, think about it.
3.1sIf Carter Pewterschmidt, the dynamic chairman of Pewterschmidt Industries,
3.3swere to fall ill or even die, the stock price would plummet.
1.23sI don't want you to think I'm not listening,
2sbut when's Christmas? Not for a while.
1.15sBut what I'm saying is,
2.4sI think Carter is sick or possibly even dead,
6.81sand that the man we saw today was an imposter brought in to keep Pewterschmidt Industries' stock price up and to keep people from knowing the truth.