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2.17sMaybe he went to a comedy club or something.
3.65s(LAUGHING) In my neighborhood, we didn't have no Kool-Aid.
1.77sWe had food coloring and water.
2.4s- Mama used to call it "Fool-Aid." - (LAUGHING)
1.34sCARTER: No, I don't get that.
1.7sAnd everybody had an Uncle Earl.
4.64sYou know, that uncle that sit around in the house all day in his under-drawers saying he between jobs.
3.64sTo be between jobs, you had to have had a job in the first place!
1.27s(LAUGHING) CARTER: That's accurate!
2.8sAnd Earl got that cell phone. He on the Sprint plan.
1.94sWhen the bill come, he sprint.
2.67sCARTER: Yes! So many of them are delinquent in payment.
2.75sRupert, move your legs. I can see your balls.
1.65sStewie, this is gonna sound crazy,
2.33sbut I have a theory about what's going on with Carter.