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1.48sAnd I finished a book!
3.59sI promised myself I'd work that in. I might've jumped the gun.
1.25sI didn't finish it.
2.14sI'm so glad you're all right.
2.57sBrian, how could you get us all worked up like that?
1.3sYeah, shame on you!
1.77sOh, you're gonna get it, Brian.
1.7sYou are gonna get it when I drink.
1.15sWhat the hell's going on?
1.4sLast night, Carter was on his deathbed,
1.37sand now he looks better than he ever did.
1.9sWell, they say laughter is the best medicine.
2.17sMaybe he went to a comedy club or something.
3.65s(LAUGHING) In my neighborhood, we didn't have no Kool-Aid.
1.77sWe had food coloring and water.
2.4s- Mama used to call it "Fool-Aid." - (LAUGHING)
1.34sCARTER: No, I don't get that.
1.7sAnd everybody had an Uncle Earl.
4.64sYou know, that uncle that sit around in the house all day in his under-drawers saying he between jobs.