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1.43sYeah, this stinks,
2.64sbut I've already blown this guy off, like, twice, so...
1.67sI've been trying to call my parents all day,
1.6sand I can't get ahold of them.
1.65sMom, is Grandpa gonna die?
3.1sNo, Chris, God's gonna help him, and he's gonna get better.
3.14sHe is gonna die, Chris, and there is no God.
2.17sMeg, stop being truthful with your brother.
2.05sI'll tell you, this obituary came out great.
3.34s"Carter Pewterschmidt died today of the disease cancer.
5.17s"In lieu of flowers, please send carnival rides to Peter Griffin "at 31 Spooner Street."
3.2sIf we get just one ride out of this, it will have been a success.
2.25sLois? What are you doing here?