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1.85sHey, Stewie. Um, hey, what's up?
2.27sWere you... Were you just looking at Rollerblades?
2.35sWhat? No. Yeah, who cares? What do you want?
1.63sListen, I was at the hospital earlier,
2.15sand I heard something I wish I hadn't.
2.64sOh. Please do not tell me it was a sexist remark,
1.83sbecause that is not okay.
2.17sYou know, those nurses are busting their asses,
2.24sweighing people and seeing how tall they are.
3.74sStewie, I heard a doctor tell Carter he has two weeks to live.
1.57sWhat? Are you sure?
1.43sI saw it with my own eyes.
2.37sI gotta check this out.
2.34sOh, my God, you're right! He looks awful.
3.69s(MONITOR BEEPING) Wait, how are we seeing this?
2.27sOh, I've got a nanny cam hidden inside his house.
2.67sWatching him nail his cleaning woman is how I'm learning Spanish.
2.2sAlthough I'm not sure what the Spanish word "no" means,
2.94sbecause it doesn't seem to mean the same thing as it does here.
2.19sAnd the worst part is, I don't think Lois even knows he's sick.
2.75sOh, this is going to destroy her!