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1.5sThat looks all right. Yeah, come on, Quagmire.
2.94sGet the hair transplant. Come back to us.
1.63sYou're right. This isn't me.
2.37sBaldness is for women's crotches, not men's heads.
2sThere you go, that's pretty gross.
1.67sYeah, that's the spirit, Quagmire.
2.8sOh, boy, listen, thanks for putting up with me the last couple weeks.
3.55sHey, no problem. You put up with me when I was barefoot guy.
2.94sBoy, nothing like a beer with the fellas, eh?
1.57sPeter, would you mind putting on some shoes?
1.84sOh, you mean foot prisons? Yes, I would.
1.53sGlenn Quagmire?
1.28sWhy does that name sound familiar?
1.33sOh, yeah, I treated you for butt flu.
1.67sHey, you want to keep it down?
2.77sEasy now. That's my privilege as a doctor to talk about that stuff.
2.32sHow's it going, Dr. Kamada?