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3.77sIt ain't easy being green, huh? (CHUCKLES) That's from a song.
1.1sIs that all? Yeah.
3.64sIs there an age restriction for the sleight-of-hand magic show this afternoon?
1.63sTwelve. Oh...
2.53sMaybe I'll just stand in the hallway and look in.
2.47sNow, we all saw you put your card back in the deck.
3.4sSo how did it end up in your shirt pocket?
2.9sOh, my God, how did he do that?
1.79sOh, no, there's Quagmire.
1.4sHe's been so weird lately.
1.53sYou notice now that he's bald,
1.9swhenever he thinks about something, he scratches his wrist?
2.54sHey, Quagmire, we got a pitcher. You want a beer?
1.47sEh, I don't think so.
1.97sI was planning on looking at pictures of birds later,
2.07sand I don't want to be all fuzzy-headed for that.