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4.87sComments ranged from sympathy all the way to racial slurs directed at others who chose to comment.
2.84sGreat, I'm a laughingstock. What do I do?
3.34sCome on, Quagmire. It's not so bad. You could kill yourself.
1.43sWell, it's just a thought,
2.23sbut have you ever considered just embracing your baldness?
1.13sYeah, Brian's right.
2.99sYou know, there's lots of big Hollywood celebrities who have gone bald with dignity.
4sJohn Travolta, David Spade, Nicolas Cage, Jeremy Piven.
3.02sAnd besides, don't you think you'll be happier just being who you really are?
2.2s(SIGHS) Maybe you're right. What the hell.
1.68sI mean, what other choice do I have at this point?
1.6sEverybody knows now anyway.
2.7sGreat. Trust me. Nobody's gonna give you a hard time.
1.6sAnd even if they do, just ignore them.
2.04sThat's what I do with that weekend bully.
1.8sHey, your weekend sucks!
3.74sI've already gone on a hike and fixed a few things around my house!
1.5sWhat are you doing?
2.07sPeter, who is that man? I don't want to talk about it.
2.72sDad, there's a weird bald guy out in front of our house.
2.9sOh, that's just Quagmire. He's acting all different now that he's bald.
1.12sI'll go talk to him.