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1.73sOh, come on, Peter. We're missing the game.
2.57sHey. Hi. Hey.
1.83sPETER: Damn it. He already started.
2.07sIf I don't start peeing soon, it's gonna be weird.
1.97sHe'll be all done, and I'll still be here.
2sCome on, Peter. Pee.
1.27sYour dad fought in World War II,
1.27sand you can't even pee in a urinal?
1.32sWhat the hell's wrong with you?
1.22s- All set? - Yup.
1.5sI know you didn't go.
2.72sI'm gonna go pee in a stairwell.
4.34sANNOUNCER: Now batting for the Red Sox, number 34, David Ortiz.
1.57sCome on, Big Papi!
3.17s(BAT CRACKS) (CHEERING) It's coming straight for us!
1.3sI got it, I got it!
1.7sMine! I got it! It's my ball.
1.94sDamn it, Brian! That came to me! That's my ball!