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3.57sYou know what? That doesn't surprise me. That's how she is.
5.71sOkay, then. Okay. Okay. Okay. All right, I'll see you Tuesday.
2.6sOh, no. What happened?
4.57s(GASPS) That's terrible. Oh, my God, just awful.
1.83sWell, you give them my best.
3.5sOkay, I got to go. Stewie and I are headed out to the beach.
2.9sOh, I didn't tell you? He's learning to swim.
3.84sOh, I got him the cutest swim trunks. At Kohl's.
3.7sYou've never been to Kohl's? Well, let me tell you about Kohl's.
3.4s(SIGHS) All right, well, you know the mall with the Chili's?
1.07sIt's across the street.
2.8s(GUN FIRES) (WOMAN SCREAMS) Bonnie? Bonnie, are you there?
1.6sWhat happened? STEWIE: Let's go!