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2.87sIsn't there anything you can do to get your job back?
5.07sI must go to the head office and appeal my case. I'm coming with you!
3.17sI got you fired. It's the least I can do.
4.79sWell, the least I can do is absolutely nothing. But I'll go you one better and come along.
2.94s- But, sir, the head office is in India. - Okay.
0.53sDad, that's over 10,000 miles away.
2.95sI'm aware of that!
3.29s- That's over 16,000 kilometers. - D'oh!
3.9sI'm sorry we couldn't take A cab, but I spent my last Dollar on the plane tickets.
1.53sAre we in India yet? No.
1.4sAre we in India yet? No.
1.43sAre we in India yet? No.
1.47sAre we in India yet? No.