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3.95sUh, eh, could I just ask you a question?
4.4sDid you-- Huh! Did you believe that? I mean, the way I gave you the change?
4.47sDid I sound like a real Kwik-E-Mart, you know, kinda guy?
0.67sActually, I thought it was a little labored.
2.87sYou gotta lose yourself in the moment, man.
3.69sYeah. Like-- Yeah! Okay. Great. Okay. Let-Let's just try that again. Okay? Come on.
3.54sHey. Come on. Hey-ey-ey! Hey, get over here! Okay. Now, you're you, I'm me.
0.58sI'm me?
3.97sHey, don't jerk me around, fella.
3.34sPass the chutney. Apu, you've been so helpful.
3.22sIf it weren't for him, we'd still be in line at the Monstromart.
4.1sAnd he taught me how to play the shehnai.