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5.07sThat old man up front, he is starved for attention. He will talk the cashier's head off.
4.22sAh, there's an interesting story behind this nickel.
3.3sIn 1957, I remember it was.
4.95sI got up in the morning and made myself a piece of toast.
4.27sI set the toaster to three-- medium brown.
2.95sLet's go to... that line. But that's the longest.
4.82sYes, but look-- all pathetic single men. Only cash, no chitchat.
2.92sSeventy-five, 85, 90 and a dollar.
2.23sThank you and come again. Hey, wait a minute! Hey!
3.95sUh, eh, could I just ask you a question?
4.4sDid you-- Huh! Did you believe that? I mean, the way I gave you the change?
4.47sDid I sound like a real Kwik-E-Mart, you know, kinda guy?
0.67sActually, I thought it was a little labored.