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3.5sAll right. Why do you want to become a part of the Kwik-E-Mart family?
3.69sBecause I like people, and I need a place where I'll be out of the sun.
0.63sThank you.
2.47sHmm. He's head and shoulders above everyone else.
3.1s- Wait. There's one more applicant. - Name?
0.57sjames Woods.
2.24sPrevious job experience?
5.15sOoh, uh, gee, True Believer, uh, Salvador, Onion Field, The Hard Way.
2.17sWait-Wait a minute! Those aren't convenience stores.
2.8sThat sounds like the resume of a Hollywood movie star.
0.57sUh, yeah, well-- Huh!
2.28sJames Woods!
2.4sWhy would you want to work at a Kwik-E-Mart?
3.29sWell, uh, to be honest, in my upcoming movie...
2.53sI'm gonna be playing this tightly wound convenience-store clerk,
3.7sAnd, you know, I kinda like to research my roles and really get into it.
3.34sFor instance, True Believer. I actually worked in a law firm for two months.
2.39sAnd in the film Chaplin-- I had a little cameo in that--
3.84sI actually traveled in time back to the '20s where--
2.93sWell, I-i've said too much.