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1.6sIt's up to you, Peter.
3.2sEither you leave now, or I set up one of your random flashbacks.
1.3sAll right, all right, all right. Okay.
0.97sPeter, what do you care...
2.54sNo, no, Brian, he's serious.
1.47sI'll come back for you, Lois.
2.9sAnd I'll set up all the flashbacks, just like I used to.
1.4sLike the time I swallowed that midget,
2.8swho played Mini-Me, just so I could make you laugh.
1.1sYou ready for dinner, Peter?
1.23sOh, yeah.
4.47sIn fact, my stomach has been talking to me all day.
3.94sI said, my stomach has been talking to me all day.
1.83sCome on, say the line.
1.83sOh, oh, there he is.
3.6sYou know what, he slipped into my colon. Yeah, damn it, he's smothered.
2.17sBut let me just ask you this, Lois,
3.04sif my stomach had said, "Hell, yeah, I'm hungry!
1.43s"How about some pork chops?"
1.37sWould you have thought that was funny?