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2.84sSo, you can just rot out here, Brian.
1.97sBrian, what are you doing tied to Meg's pole?
2.57sJames Woods did it. Hey, where'd you get the clothes?
2.54sI always keep a spare at Quagmire's. I got to tell you, though,
3.04sthere was some weird stuff going on over there today.
1.43sHey, Quagmire. Can I... Hang on a sec.
3.6sAnd that's why I contend that when Frost speaks of birch trees,
2.07she may very well be talking about himself.
1sNo, Glenn, that's not...
1.03sGloria, please.
1.37sYou wanna hear my interpretation,
1.7sor are you simply gonna tell me that I'm wrong?
1.13sI'm simply pointing out...
1.77sYes, we know. You're very well-read.
1.67sBut this is poetry we're talking about,
3.57sand I think when it comes to poetry, you can't be wrong.
2.67sWhat, Peter? Nothing, nothing. Sorry to interrupt.
3.07sThe cedars represent society. Sorry to interrupt.
1.1sListen, you got to get out of here.