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3.37sDamn it, Bonnie! You lied to me about the poop sack!
3sHello, family. Hello, honey.
4.14s(BABBLES LOVINGLY) Stop calling me that. I don't care what the law says,
2.84syou're not Peter Griffin, you're James Woods.
3.97sI should've warned you, she can be a real bitch in the morning.
2.4sMom, this is really weird. I want Dad back.
3.34sI don't. Having a celebrity dad is a real thrill.
4sNot like the fake thrill of running into your ex-girlfriend on the street.
2.34sRob? Hey! Hey! How are you?
1.5sGod, it's good to see you.
1.13sGood to see you, too.
2.74sHow's my dog? I'm... I'm sorry, your dog?
1.93sOh, I had to give him away.
1.2sGave him away!
2s- Well, Dave's allergic. - Dave!
3.44sAll right, so there's a Dave. That's great. God, Dave sounds great.
3.64sYeah, he is. And his parents are so sweet.
2.87sMet his parents and they're sweet. Just older Daves, huh?
3.8s(LAUGHS) What a family. God, it's good to see you.