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2.57sSo get ready, fuckers.
3.67s(SNIFFING) Oh! That kung pao chicken smells good. You smell that, Brian?
1.03sAll I can smell is your ass.
1.97sLois, we found the guy who stole my wallet.
1.07sYou'll never guess who it was.
1.37sJames Woods?
2.13sWOODS: Hello, stranger.
2.7sI don't recall inviting you into my home.
2.3sPeter, he's been here for four hours.
2.74sI told him to leave, but he keeps saying he lives here.
4.2sI say, this is more uncomfortable than having James Brady at a cocktail party.
5.97sAll right, so I got my handgun and I'm just randomly firing it into a crowd of people, and then...
1.27sAnd then what?
1.77sAnd... Nothing. Nothing.