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4.97s(GASPS) Oh, my God, Peter, your Visa bill is $16,000!
2.2sSomebody's been using your credit card.
2.07sDidn't you cancel it when you lost your wallet?
1.67sI hear what you're saying, Lois,
3.67sbut unlike my credit card, I'm carrying a very low rate of interest.
2.6s(POPS MOUTH) Peter, this is serious.
1.17sLet me see that.
1.4sA big screen TV,
2.6sa massage chair from Sharper Image, plane tickets...
2.94sPeter, someone has obviously stolen your credit card.
1.4sWell, here's the good news, Brian.
2.54sWhoever the thief is, he's spending less than my wife.
4.34s(POPS MOUTH) Wait, look at this. He eats at House of Chung every day.
1.37sHouse of Chung, eh?
2.47sCome on, let's go, Brian. I'm gonna get revenge.
1.74sJust like I did against that pigeon that crapped on my car.