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2.9sSo come on down to the Hydrox Arena this Sunday, Sunday!
3.2sGet your eyesight fixed. Unless you don't have the balls.
2.94s(THUNDER RUMBLES) Jewish!
2.74sHey, I could use some Jew eye surgery.
2.3sWhat the hell? Where's my wallet?
2.94sCrap, I must've dropped it at the Barry Manilow concert.
3.2sDropped it at the what? And where was I?
2.57sPeter, you and your excuses for losing your wallet.
2.5s"I dropped it at the concert." "The hooker took it."
1.13s"It's with my other family."
1.37sThat one was true.
2.97sAnd let me tell you something, they appreciate me for who I am.
2.97sAll right, Peter, have a good business trip.