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2sAll the dumb ass Manilow fans.
1.8sI mean, he's got, like, one good song.
1.7sYeah, I mean, Mandy is not terrible.
2.4sYeah, the opening's okay.
2.3sAnd I guess you can't hate Copacabana.
2.43sYeah, if you're in the right mood.
1.23sDaybreak is a good song.
1.77sOh, yeah. That's a good song.
1.54sAnd I like Weekend in New England.
1.1sYeah, that's a good one.
1.6sLooks Like We Made It. Yeah, it's not bad.
1.2sI love Barry Manilow.
1.17sOh, my God, he's the best!
1.43sI have everything he's ever recorded!
1.6sMe, too! In my car!
1.3sWe have to go to that concert.
1.7sWe are going to that concert.
2.73sAnd I'm...
5.27sALL: Ready to take a chance again
4.8sReady to put my love on the line