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3.57sWell, that's it, Brian. I guess he's won.
2sI guess he's Peter Griffin now.
1.37sWait a minute, Peter.
3.87sIf he's Peter Griffin, then that means you can be James Woods.
2sThat's a great idea, Brian.
2.8sIf I was a famous movie star, I wouldn't even want my family.
3.2sNo, no, Peter, I'm saying you can do to him what he did to you.
1.27sYou can ruin him.
2.9sI'll do it, I'll be James Woods.
3.24sFrom this day forth, I am James Woods.
3.27sAnd I'll stick to that story, even if nobody believes it.
2.97sI'll tell you what nobody believes in, ghosts.
7.07sWhere did Robinson Crusoe go With Friday on Saturday night Damn. Play me off, Johnny.