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2.27sLeaping lizards, meatloaf is my favorite.
1.83sScooter, how come we've never met you before?
1.5sShut up, Meg.
3.04sYou know, Scooter, we don't allow hats at the dinner table.
2.04s- Oh, my bad, Mr. G. - Dad, no!
1.87sAha! I should have known!
3.14sGet out of my house right now, son of a bitch!
3.57sWell, that's it, Brian. I guess he's won.
2sI guess he's Peter Griffin now.
1.37sWait a minute, Peter.
3.87sIf he's Peter Griffin, then that means you can be James Woods.
2sThat's a great idea, Brian.
2.8sIf I was a famous movie star, I wouldn't even want my family.
3.2sNo, no, Peter, I'm saying you can do to him what he did to you.
1.27sYou can ruin him.