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2.87sOh, sweetie, dinner with your family was so much fun tonight.
1.77sYeah. I think they really liked you.
2.43sIt was so cute when you thought Manet was Monet.
1.87sYeah. Yeah. That was a hoot.
4.77sOh, hey, how are you liking that unabridged history of Second World War naval tactics in the Pacific Theater?
5.54sOh, it's really interesting. I'm at the part where they detail the account of Admiral Halsey's victory at Midway.
1.97s- You mean Admiral Spruance, sweetie. - Huh?
3.34sWell, Halsey was hospitalized with psoriasis at the outset of the battle.
4.27sSo Spruance, who, prior to June of 1941, was primarily a desk admiral,
2.54swas charged with leading the naval fleet at Midway against Japan.
2.1sA victory which surprised even his peers,
3.47sand, in fact, was a turning point for the American naval forces in the Pacific.
1.9sNo, yeah. That's the part I'm at.
2.74sOh, my God. You're so cute when you don't know what you're talking about.
1.43sNow, wait a minute. What the hell does that mean?
2sAre you saying I'm not smart? You don't have to be.
3.07sYou're adorable, like those calendars that have monkeys in clothes.
1.67sLook, why don't we talk about this in the morning?
2.57sI want to finish that book.
2sSweetie, since when do you wear reading glasses?
2.07sWhat? These? I've had these forever.
1.67sHoney, those aren't real. Sure, they are.
3.3sNo, they're not. I can see the little Austin Powers logo on the side.