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2.07sOh! Well, that's fascinating.
1.93sYou could have just complimented the free food,
1.9sbut one-upping me is another way to go.
1.4s- So, you know, guys... - Bitch.
7.37s...Lauren just finished a fascinating doctoral thesis on suborbital propulsion mechanisms that NASA is using for the next generation of space shuttles.
3.37s(BOTH GASPING) - Ah! Ah!
4.07sSo, Lauren, whenever I'm watching your show, you give me a boner.
1.3sWhere do we go from here?
2.9sWell, I could sign a picture for you.
2.17sYeah, sure. That'd be fine. Thank you.
4.37sSo, Lauren, do you and Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan all hang out and go drunk-driving together?
2.1sI heard that Lindsay Lohan wasn't driving that night.
1.87sShe was taking the rap for a friend.
2.2sRoad hog!
2.77sOh, no! I already have two strikes!