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2.97sYou know, all that caviar with the little silver spoons.
2.74sActually, Mrs. Griffin, caviar spoons are carved from bone.
3.7sThey don't use metal because it reacts chemically with the fish eggs and changes their taste.
2.07sOh! Well, that's fascinating.
1.93sYou could have just complimented the free food,
1.9sbut one-upping me is another way to go.
1.4s- So, you know, guys... - Bitch.
7.37s...Lauren just finished a fascinating doctoral thesis on suborbital propulsion mechanisms that NASA is using for the next generation of space shuttles.
3.37s(BOTH GASPING) - Ah! Ah!
4.07sSo, Lauren, whenever I'm watching your show, you give me a boner.
1.3sWhere do we go from here?
2.9sWell, I could sign a picture for you.
2.17sYeah, sure. That'd be fine. Thank you.
4.37sSo, Lauren, do you and Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan all hang out and go drunk-driving together?
2.1sI heard that Lindsay Lohan wasn't driving that night.