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4.47s(PEOPLE LAUGHING) Have you seen the news about Lauren Conrad and Brian Griffin?
3.8sYou know, a lot of these young Hollywood girls carry their little dogs around in their purse.
2.2sBut Lauren carries one in her vagina.
5.27s(PEOPLE LAUGHING) Yeah, so Lauren Conrad and Brian Griffin are now a couple.
1.9sApparently, she gave that dog a bone and he gave it right back!
1.33sLook, I was drunk out of my mind.
2.4sI didn't know what I was doing. It was a one-night thing.
5.14sI have no interest in dating one of those shallow idiot celebrities who's only famous for being famous.
1.7sI'm going over to let her down easy.
2.13sHey, tell her I like her work in Jake and the Fatman.
2.3sNo, wait. That was William Conrad.
1.53sTell her I like Jake and the Fatman.