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1.97sHey, Brian. Where were you last night, buddy?
1.67sOh, I was... I was out.
1.43sI got a little wrecked after dinner,
1.6sand I didn't want to drive home.
3.3sOh, yeah? Did you stay in town or did you "head for the hills"?
5.04s(ALL LAUGHING) Wait a minute! How the hell do you guys know about that already?
2.37sIt's all over the Internet. Look!
1.97sMAN: Does Lauren Conrad have a new beau?
2.57sAn anonymous source has the answers.
2.24sSTEWIE: Oh, yeah. I know that guy. His name's Brian Griffin,
3.07sand he definitely boned Lauren last night.
2.13sGreat. Great. That's fantastic.
2.97sWell, I think it's wonderful that you're dating such a classy,
2.84swell-educated girl like Lauren...
2.97s(LAUGHING) She's such an idiot, Brian!
1.83sShe's such an idiot!
1.23sYeah. You know something, Brian?
1.9sI bet you make the late-night monologues.
1.3sI mean, it's a little weird, isn't it?
1.94sThis new Lauren Conrad relationship?
1.57sWhen asked about their sex life,
2.57sBrian was quoted as saying, "Oh, yeah, we just do it me style."
4.47s(PEOPLE LAUGHING) Have you seen the news about Lauren Conrad and Brian Griffin?