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0.27sDid you hear? I am to be married!
2.2sWhen am I to find a gentleman to wed?
2.47sWell, I don't know why anyone should want to marry.
3.64sOh, Emily, a fortnight in town will make you a match.
2.64sYeah. Say that after a fortnight in town, bitch.
2.07sHey, everybody. Look what came in the mail.
2.4sWe got invitations to Jillian's wedding.
1.83sJillian's wedding? She's getting married?
1.67sWow, that's great!
2.4sLooks like she finally found someone after dating that last loser.
1.3sShe dated someone after me?
1.87sNo. See how I set up my own joke?
1.9sYou walked right into it, Brian!
10.84sWalk right in Sit right down Stewie's gonna make you the fool Peter, here's your invite. Chris, Meg, Stewie and me.
1.27sProbably one more in there.
1.67sNo. Doesn't look like... Oh, yeah.
2.44sHere it is. Brian. Oh, no. Wait.
1.4sIt's for B. Ryan.
1.43sOh. Cool, Mrs. G.