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1.3sNo, it's okay. I have a dog.
2.07sSo I've had to cut poop out of his fur before.
2sOh! Oh, thanks.
1.6sWell, otherwise, it was a fun night though, right?
1.43sSo fun.
1.67sYou know, I had a really fun night, Brian.
1.37sYou seem like a really cool guy.
1.13sYeah. Um...
1.1sHey, you know, if you don't mind,
2.1sI'm sort of a low-profile kind of person.
3.2sSo I'm gonna take off before anybody gets the wrong idea here.
3.74sHey! Brian, is that you... Is that Lauren... My God...
3.04sI was shopping for hats... Hang on. I'm coming over.
1.03sOh, no.
1.97sDon't go anywhere. Stay right there.
1sWho's that?
1.94sIt's just this jerk that goes to my school.
1.27sYou go to school?
2.77sNo. I just lied to you, and I'm not really sure why.
2.97sIs this the longest light ever, or what?
1.6sAh, there we go!
1.97sOh, my God! How do you two know each other?
1.84sUh, we actually just met.
1.33sWell, I'm Stewie.
1.37sI'm Lauren. It's good to meet you.
1.53sI love the show.
1.7sDo you need a gay friend on the show? A friend on the show?