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1.74sWhy would you trip me deliberately?
1.23sI'm sorry.
1.23sDinner's going great.
2.97sYou know, I can probably help you with that elbow.
2.54sDoes that feel better? Yeah! It feels a lot better.
1.9sWow! You're the best man ever!
1.7sOh, hardly.
1.5sExcuse me. I'm just gonna use the restroom really quick.
2.03sI'll go with you. Oh, my God! Gay!
2.9sShut up. He's obviously some sort of Superman. I just...
2.04sI just need to know if he has any shortcomings.
1.87sIt'll make me feel better. You are not even...
2.54sYou're going in there to look... That's even gayer.
0.9sBRIAN: Oh, come on!
3.8sAnd the worst thing is that he's not even a douche.
2.47sHe's a nice guy. I like him.
3.67sOh, honey, that sounds awful. I know what will cheer you up.
1.43sYou want to scratch my pet rabbit, Steven,
2.1son his nose with your index finger?
4.7sI like rabbits 'cause you can pull their ears back and make them look like Asian people.