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1.67sThank you. That was beautiful.
2.4sAnd now, Jillian, do you take Derek...
2.13sJillian, I'm in love with you.
4.37sI want you... No, I need you with all my heart and soul.
3.54sAnd my only regret is that I didn't realize it when we were together.
1.6sThose were the happiest days of my life,
6.54sand I want more of those days. Please, Jillian, I love you.
1.94sWill you please take me back?
2.2sBrian, no.
4.2sYou had your chance. I mean, I thought you were my soul train,
1.5sbut you didn't want me.
1.43sSoul mate. Soul food?
4.27sI'm sorry, but I'm in love with Derek now.
3.14sI see. And you really feel that way?