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2.37sThis isn't working at all. She doesn't even know we're here.
3.67sShe will, Brian. And she's gonna be upset that your date is so into you.
3.17sOkay, ready? I've been reading up on things that sound sexy.
2.77sOh, Brian. I can't wait till after dinner,
3.17s'cause then we'll go home and you can watch me have my period.
2.03sWhat the hell's wrong with you? That's not sexy.
2.34sHey, Brian. I just noticed you over here.
1.43sHi, I'm Jillian.
1.77sDesiree. Charmed.
3.64sWell, I wish we could stay, but we have quite an exciting evening planned.
2.53sOh! Oh, yeah. Right. We're really hitting the town.
2.27sYes. We're gonna douche the night away.
1.5sWell, have fun.
1.87sYou two are a really cute couple.
1.2sHey, Desiree.
2.44sOh! Hey, Lee.
2.8sBrian, this is Lee. Lee, this is Brian.
3.07sI know Lee from Starbucks.
1.9sMAN: Hey, is that Desiree?
2.34sThat's it. I mean, I don't know what else I can do.
1.33sThe wedding's tomorrow,
2.27sand she hasn't shown any signs of leaving Derek.