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2.74sOh, my God. You're so cute when you don't know what you're talking about.
1.43sNow, wait a minute. What the hell does that mean?
2sAre you saying I'm not smart? You don't have to be.
3.07sYou're adorable, like those calendars that have monkeys in clothes.
1.67sLook, why don't we talk about this in the morning?
2.57sI want to finish that book.
2sSweetie, since when do you wear reading glasses?
2.07sWhat? These? I've had these forever.
1.67sHoney, those aren't real. Sure, they are.
3.3sNo, they're not. I can see the little Austin Powers logo on the side.
2.1sWhat are you talking about? These are my glasses.
1.57sAUSTIN POWERS: Yeah, baby!
1.9sAll right, I can't do this! Can't do what?
1.87sI can't date someone who's smarter than I am.
1.53sI feel like Jillian.
1.54sWhat? What, what, what? What is that?
1.13sI think I get it.
2.24sThis isn't about me being smarter than you.
1.9sThis is about you still being in love with Jillian.
1.2sHow do you know that?
1.23sBecause I'm smarter than you, Brian.
0.9sOh, my God! You're right.
4.27sYou know, I thought I was over her, but I'm not. I'm...
4.87sSomewhere along the line she must have gotten under my skin.