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4.29sListen to me, Fry. Just because you think you're a robot, doesn't make you a robot.
4.14sAfter all, I think I'm a doctor, but that doesn't make me a doctor.
1.93sThese fancy clothes do.
1.21sNegative. I must be a robot.
4.84sWhy else would human women refuse to date me? Oh, lots of reasons.
2.22sBio-units, terminate noise exchange.
2.55sIt is time for you to ingest sandwiches from my compartment.
3.94sHere we go. just a minute. Aha!
2.99sAnd down the stretch, it's Daddy's Little Grandpa,
4.1sfollowed by Perennial Loser and bringing up the rear, it's Lasty!
3.27sCome on, Lasty! Hey, Bender.
3.8sDuh, Roberto! Ooh, what a surprise to see you in here!