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2.07sAnd this here is Frankie.
3.77sHe's convinced he's a lunchroom worker. So they put him to work in the lunchroom.
2.82sHow is workin' the lunchroom, Frankie?
3.89s- It's all right. - Poor Frankie.
2.6sChange places!
1.97sBender, I can't take much more of this.
1.7sI want outta here!
1.61sAre you crazy? This place is great.
3.55sElectroshock whenever you want it. Two Lincolns for every Napoleon.
2.37sSweet light crude.
3.42sBut I'm not a robot like you! I don't like having disks crammed into me.
2.62sUnless they're Oreos. And then only in the mouth.
1.97sDon't you understand? I'm gonna die here.