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3.1sI'm a pretty girl. I'm a pretty girl.
1.93sI'm a pretty girl.
2.39sWh-Whoa! Someone had a busy day!
3.17sMy roommate exploded. Oh, you gotta help me, Bender.
3.47sHow can I prove I'm human? You could drop dead. That'd show 'em.
3.67sI don't wanna! Hey, man! I believe you're a human.
3.24sYou do? Sure. They don't believe I'm a human either.
3.67sName's Unit 2013. Come on. Let me introduce you around.
3.2sFry, meet Norm. How's it goin', pal?
2.7sStill pickin' up transmissions from the C.I.A. on your teeth?
2.97sThey just won't stop!
5.64sThe C.I.A. Cafeteria menu for the week of May 15 is as follows.
2.07sMonday, shepherd's pie.
2.57sTues-- Cuckoo.
2.74sLet me guess. He thinks he's Lincoln?
1.93sWell, he's supposed to. The problem is,
3.22she's got multiple personalities-- all of 'em Lincoln.
5.14sI was born in two hundred log cabins.