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2.08sWhat do you say we plead insanity?
3.6sA few months in an insane asylum? I could do that standin' on my head.
2.85sIf you start now, it might help our case.
2.69sCounselor, what evidence do you offer...
2.17sto support this new plea of insanity?
3.62sWell, for one, they done hired me to represent them.
2.3sInsanity plea is accepted.
2.42sMr. Bender? I hereby commit you...
2.6sto the asylum for criminally insane robots...
2.97suntil such time as you are deemed cured.
3.32sYahoo! The system fails again!
2.54sAnd Mr. Fry, I sentence you...
2.64sto the home for criminally insane humans.
2.23sYour Honor, that facility has been full...
3.4sever since you ruled that being poor is a mental illness.
2.9sOrder! Order! The only poor people I want to hear about...
2.97sare the people who tend to my pores at the spa.
3.3sjust send them both to the robot loony bin and let's go.