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3.14sAs the "surveilliance" camera for that bank...
2.34swhat all the judge was a-jawin' about,
3.54scould y'all tell us what you done seen the day of the crime?
3sWell, let's see. My memory's a little fuzzy,
2.9sbut it went exactly like this.
2.84sYour Honor, I move that I be disbarred...
5.15sfor introducin' this evidence against my own clients.
5.67sMr. Fry, do you recognize the robot a-huggin' on you in this here hologram?
2.23sI sure do! That's the real robber!
2.37sAnd I'll never forget his name as long as I live.
3.97sAnd that name is--
4.54sFry, just give a name! You don't want to look stupid on Court Tv!