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4.09sThanks for helpin' me escape, Bender. Ah, it was nothin'.
2.94sIt was not nothin'! I want to repay you.
2.6sLet me get you somethin' in here.
2.57sHands up! This is a stickup again!
2.05sWow! Hitting the same place three times?
2.27sI admire your style, Roberto.
4.05sGive me the remainin' dough and all the calendars. And that pen!
2.44sTry to tear it so most of the beads are on my end!
2.4sPolice! You're busted!
2.33sAnd don't try anything. This glass here is laser-proof.
3sFire lasers!
1.63sDuck lasers!
3.35sCome on! I got a place where I like to hide after crimes.