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2.28sNext on the agenda is, uh,
2.64sthe Citizens' Committee on Moral Hygiene.
2.9sI'm here to share my moral outrage.
4.04sBut this time it's not about that giant inflatable Dos Equis bottle.
2.6sIt's about a certain house in our town.
0.65sWhat's wrong with this house? Is it the plumbin'?
2.3sIt's a house of ill fame.
2.47sA house of loose ethics.
3.84sIs there a building code violation? A drainage issue? A surveying error?
1.95sThe house is perfectly fine!
3.59sWell, then quit bad-mouthing the house! Yeah, leave the house alone!
3.77sOh, geez! It's what's inside the house that's disgraceful.
2.87sDrinking, gambling and debauchery.
4.45sIt's right under our noses-- a secret house of burlesque.
2.1sThat's right.
1.78sThat's-- That's not good.
3.6sPeople, this is an issue that we, as a town, are strong enough to ignore.
2.65sLet us give no more scrutiny to this bawdy house...