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3.55sOh, I agree. Kids need rules and boundaries.
1.93sYes, everyone loves rules.
4.84sIt's so tough to be a parent these days, what with all the gangs and the drugs.
2.2sOh, yeah, drugs. You gotta have drugs.
1.9sHey, he didn't pay the cover.
2.2sOh, Bart, he's your father.
2sWe'll comp him tonight, start a tab tomorrow.
2.3s- Oh, I hope I didn't miss the floor show. - Nope.
1.93s- Is Roxanne back? - Yep.
1.93s- Did she, uh, get my flowers? - She did.
2.67sHello, Bart. Hello, Principal Skinner.
2.97sThis is the National Air and Space Museum, isn't it?
2.77sUh, this isn't gonna be about jesus, is it?
3.67sAll things are about jesus, Homer, except this.
3.35sYour son has been working in a burlesque house.
2.49sPrincipal Skinner saw him with his own eyes.
3.94sThat's true, but I was only in there to get directions on how to get away from there.