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2.22sWow, man, what is this place?
2.87sI prefer not to be called "man."
3.72sMy name is Belle, and this is the Maison Derriere.
2.44sThat means the, uh, "Back House."
1.82sAre you havin' a party or somethin'?
2.32sNonstop. We're a burlesque house--
4.59sa private club where gentlemen can play some cards and see a show--
3.34sMiss Belle, we're about to do our "Around the World" number,
2.13sbut Monte Carlo can't find her dice.
1.9sHere you go, darlin'.
3.8sNormally, we don't allow children in here, but your father was so insistent.
3.55sHe's tough but fair. I'll start sorting these bras.
2.12sThat's a bit advanced for you,
2.65sbut I know a stopped-up sink that needs some attention.
2.1sjust glad to be on the team.