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1.5s- Hey! - ahh!
3.14sOk, we were wrong about the end of the world and you were right.
1.57sCan we please just drop it?
1.27sIt's just not fair.
1.4sI finally get a date with Kevin,
1.87sand he gets vaporized!
2sHe's just using that as an excuse.
4.19sLet's just be grateful we survived the apocalypse healthy and mutation free.
1.63sI said I can do it.
0.88sHEy, Shut uP!
1.32sOh, Hey, Clevemire.
1.05sThat's quagland.
2.24sQuagland? Oh, You must be dreaming.
2.6sNot about kicking your fat ass!
2.88sBoys, please. You used to be so close.
1.45sSorry, Lois.
6.96sWe're both a little crabby, on account of the fact that neither one of us has had any food since we got fused together.